BTM Records


BackToMono(BTM) Records is a relaxed Recording Studio & Label, created by the producer/engineer Christian Hierro. The idea is based sound color, dirty food and smell of heated tube amps !

In recording, the colour and quality of sound you capture at the source is the most important part of the audio chain !


Greetings from the brain of BackToMono Records Studio,  the most reliable there is for complete modular connectivity & the Vintage vibes .

A wealth of outboard gear and the awesome sounding “Tweed/Api/Emi” vintage 26/4 custom recording console. Industry recognised monitoring includes the ever classic NS10’s, Tannoy Gold SGM15 main monitors and a Auratone monitor system.  Sessions are typically recorded into our 24 in and out Protools system but we also enjoy recording to tape on the superb TEAC 9016 1″ 16 tracks tape recorder or on a crazy SABA 4 track tube & tape machine !!

We take pride in keeping our gear in top condition so everything from the largest tube limiter to the crappiest guitar pedal is regularly maintained.

BackToMono has everything Christian needs to bring out the best of any artist on any level.

The truest Analog Sound !

Vintage New Old Sound in Musical Hyphy Mind